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AIGSA Talk: Tales from the Sociotechnical Front by Dr. Sean McGregor

WNGR 116

We are excited to announce a talk and discussion on Tales from the Sociotechnical Front: How the Wider World is Making Sense of What We are Building, from OSU’s own distinguished alumnus Dr. Sean McGregor! The event will be 4-5pm on Tuesday May 23. We will gather in WNGR 116 for light refreshments.

Expect a short presentation followed by a discussion and storytelling about the wild world waiting on the other side of a machine learning degree. Sean will talk about his work with the AI Incident Database, the AI XPRIZE, a neural accelerator startup, and the wider world of AI policy.

Since earning his PhD in Computer Science in 2017, Sean has founded the Responsible AI Collaborative, served as the lead technical consultant for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, and developed the AI Incident Database, all on top of his technical research. You can learn more about him at his website.