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AI Application Support Program

AIASP is open for the 2023 admissions cycle!

For Applicants

We are excited to announce the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Application Support Program (AIASP)! While we primarily serve folks historically underrepresented in the field, our program is open to anyone applying to AI graduate degree programs at Oregon State University who needs support.

AIASP is divided into two phases, both of which are primarily mentored by current graduate student volunteers in the AI program at OSU:

Phase 1 - Graduate School Chats. In the first phase, applicants will have a thirty-minute one-on-one chat with one of our mentors. These chats will provide perspective to applicants wondering if graduate school is right for them, and demystify the application process.

Phase 2 - Application Feedback. In the second phase, applicants will receive early feedback on their Statement of Purpose and CV. They may share any information about their identity and research interests that they’d like considered when matching their application materials with a mentor for review.

You can register to participate with this form! We’re looking forward to all the new connections we’ll get to make along the way in this exciting second year of AIASP 🎉🎉

Participation in AIASP is completely separate from the official graduate application process and therefore does not guarantee admission to the program. Information will be aggregated and anonymized to evaluate the impact of this program, but individual responses will be deleted at the end of this application cycle. Mentors will not review the applicant’s official application, and the applicant’s participation in AIASP will not be disclosed to the admissions committee or any faculty members.

For Mentors

You can choose to either participate in Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 (details above) depending on the time you are willing to commit. About 2-3 hours per student if participating in both phases.

In Phase 1, you will have a 30-minute chat with an applicant about the following topics:

In Phase 2, you will provide feedback on the applicant’s Statement of Purpose and CV.

To sign up, please fill out this form.

We highly appreciate suggestions regarding the mentorship program. Please feel free to contact the lead AIASP coordinator Eric Slyman (slymane[at]oregonstate[dot]edu) with your comments or queries regarding the program.

Important Dates

Applications Open
Open Now!

Phase 1 – Graduate School Chat Dates
09/27/2023– 11/01/2023

Phase 2 – Application Review
Dates: 09/27/2023 - Application Close
Application Closes on 12/01/2023 for Ph.D. and 01/01/2024 for MS.


We thank the University of Washington Pre-Application Mentorship Service and QueerInAI organizers for their support in conversations, access to reference materials, and specific language included in many of our documents. Our service is made possible by inspiration from these and other similar organizations, and the time donated by our wonderful volunteers.